A South Asian couple sit facing each other in a tense conversation.  Person facing the viewer has short black hair, black facial hair, and is wearing dark shirt and shorts.  They have a frustrated expression and have their hands palms-up on their knees.  A second person has their back to the audience, wearing a white shirt and dark shorts.  The background is a white room with sunlight.

Couples in the Pandemic

The pandemic made your relationship harder.

Everything was stressful and heightened the tension between you and your partner.

You start wondering, what kind of future are we heading into?

It can be scary to realize what you needed when you started this relationship may no longer be what you need now.

But it feels easier to keep the routine and keep things predictable.

But you feel the pressure within and you wonder if your partner can feel it too.

You both know there are important things you need to talk about in your relationship.

You’ve tried to talk many times, but it seems you misunderstand each other, and you end up more disconnected than when you started.

Daily life becomes tense and the minute disagreements can easily ignite into more unresolved fights.

You withdraw. You feel alone.

It feels impossible to plan for a future. You wonder if you can have a future.

You wonder if there is another option to this entrenched stuckness.

The answer is there is.