Two Black people standing close together in front of a blue background.  The person on the right is smiling and has twisted black hair that goes to their chin.  They are wearing round shape tortoiseshell sunglasses, and a black and gold earring.  They are wearing a black shirt and black shiny bead necklace.  In their left hand is a rainbow coloured popsicle.  They have their other arm around a second person to their right.  The second person is smiling and gazing back.  They have very short curly hair, is wearing black glasses with a yellow dangly earring.  They have on a purple shirt and a yellow popsicle in their hand.

How I can Help You

There are 4 parts to having an authentic relationship to yourself and others.

1. You need to know your values.

2. You need to know your needs.

3. You need to express your needs and values in your relationships.

4. You need to have your needs met (through yourself and others).

Yes, that’s it. There is no mystery, no magic.

Each part requires specific set of skills to make it happen.

And skills can be learned.

I have helped many clients learn these skills and use them with themselves, family, friends, and partners.

Some of them learn with me on their own, and some learn with their partner.

Both formats have given them the skills to have authentic relationships, even long after they leave my practice.

You can too.