Two East Asian people stand apart looking tense in front of a white background.  Person on the right has an annoyed expression and is looking away with arms crossed at the chest.  They are wearing a white shirt, have dark shoulder length hair and looks to be in their sixties.   The second person next to them is looking back with a tense and frustrated expression, and arms crossed at chest.  They have black shoulder length hair, are wearing a beige shirt, and looks to be in their twenties.

How I can help you - Individuals

Your Struggles

You are dissatisfied in your relationship.

You’re tired of negative interactions that go nowhere.

When thinking about what to do, you feel conflicted.

The part of you that wants to belong says “Just give others what they want and you will be accepted!”

The independent part of you says “No way, I’d rather be alone than compromising!”

The want-it-all part of you says it must have both.

The internal conflict is so strong you can’t even hear yourself, not to mention trying to instill any changes.

This is where I can help you.

I can help you learn to listen to all your parts’ voices.

I can help you find out what you value and what you need.

I can help you find out how to meet your needs in a sustainable and empowering way.

You can resolve the internal conflicts.

I have helped many clients like you learn to know and meet their needs, while resolving conflicts with themselves and others.

Imagine a life of relationships that meet your values and your needs.

You can.