A group of six line-drawn figures stand close together smiling in front of a pale yellow background.  Each figure is a solid bright colour with squiggly lines as hands.   From left to right each figures’ colours are blue, orange, green, yellow, pink, and red.  They are leaning against each other with the yellow figure in the centre having their arms around the green and pink figure.

Couples and individual therapy for LGBTQ+ immigrants of colour who want authentic relationships to self and others.

You are not alone.

My clients struggle just like you.

When they first come in, they are tired of living by others’ expectations in relationships.

They’ve tried talking to the other party but the conversations end up in more fights.

Those in partnerships feel disconnected and isolated from each other and can’t fathom planning for the future.

They feel depressed, anxious, and alone.

They feel they are stuck in an unbreakable negative pattern.

There is a way out.

Like my clients, you deserve to feel agency and navigate your relationships according to your values.

You deserve to find sustainable and meaningful ways to run your life and connections.

If you want to live true to yourself and feel empowered in your relationships, I’d love to help you.

If you and your partner want to feel connected and hopeful in your relationship, I can help you get there.