An Asian couple sit apart looking to be in tense silence. Person further from the viewer has short black hair and looks pensive, with one hand by their temple.  They are wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.  The person sitting closer to the audience has long dark brown hair, looking pensively with a hand on their chin.  They are wearing a grey top and jeans.  In the background are a white wall and a glass door.

How I can help you - Couples

Your Struggles

It is painful when you and your partner keep misunderstanding each other.

If an authentic and healthy relationship is like a couple dancing well together, then dancing out of sync/falling would be when the connection breaks down. This can feel very painful.

Often couples think their bond alone should mean being able to work things out and dance well together.

But in reality, dancing well together takes learning and practice.

It is not that you don’t love each other, but you are still learning the skills to dance well together at this stage of your lives.

The skills include having both of you share your needs with each other, and figure out how to get them met.

If you want to dance well together, you need to know what’s tripping you up, and practice coordinated dancing together.

I can help you.

I have helped clients like you learn the dance moves to an authentic and sustainable relationship.

These are skills that help them build a meaningful relationship, even after they leave my practice.

You can too.